Mrs. Maine America Pageant
Miss Maine for America Pageant

The  Mrs.  Maine America & Miss Maine for America will be held Sunday, September 6th at 3p.m.

If you would like to watch this show from the comfort of your home, as we will not be selling anymore Audience tickets due to COVID19,  we would love to have you.  Just print the form below & mail in with payment.  We will add you to a private group via FACEBOOK to be able to view the pageant on-line.  We really would appreciate your support and hope that you would consider each member getting their own name added to help us get through a very difficult year.  This is a really important program creating a safe, motivating, community service oriented place for women to collaborate and excel. THIS WILL NOT BE PROFESSIONALLY DONE  - IT WILL BE LIVE FROM A PHONE SO WE WILL DO THE BEST WE CAN.  


Please click below for the reservation form to view the pageant ON-LINE., just print, complete& include payment.   All orders must be postmarked prior to August 26th, 2020.   We look THANK YOU for all of your support of our program and contestants!     

       Click Here   On-line View Reservation Form







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