Mrs. Maine America Pageant
Miss Maine for America Pageant

I am so excited to have the opportunity to introduce myself and give you a little backdrop of who I am – my name is Kimberly Mastropasqua.  I am an energetic, green eyed woman representing Maine in the 2018 Mrs America Pageant.   I have been married to my wonderful husband Vincent for 4 years and together we have a 22 month old boy with blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes.  I am originally a Jersey girl and after moving to Maine I fell in love instantly with the sense of community this state offers and the breathtaking coastline.   I have structured my work schedule to be able to put in a full day as a Health Information Specialist from our home from 3a.m. – 10a.m. allowing me to spend the day and evening with my son.  I love spending time outdoors, cooking and Sunday dinners with my in-laws and extended family.  

I currently coach a Middle School Cheerleading Team and value every moment.  I know the impact I make on them but what most people don’t realize is the impact those young girls and boys have on me.  They have taught me how to set goals and not to give up.   They have reminded me of my own perseverance through difficult times.  They have reminded me that you can’t let anyone dim your inner light.  As a woman who has experienced tough situations as Mrs.  Maine I am educating and broadening people’s awareness around  Anti-bullying and suicide prevention.   It is imperative that we educate students and adults around these issues.  Statistics show a steady rise in both the suicide rate and anxiety and depression amongst our youth.  

I am humbled and honored to represent Maine and look forward to collaborating with the exceptional women that I will have the pleasure of meeting in person this August.                                                                

                                                               Yours Truly, 

                                                               Kimberly Mastropasqua