Mrs. Maine America Pageant
Miss Maine for America Pageant

My name is Allison Tribou and I am honored to represent my beautiful state of Maine. I am a working mom of two, Saylor (9) and Adele (1.5), and the wife to a hardworking man named Dustin. I met Dustin 5 years ago when I joined the worship team as a backup vocalist at our church in our state capital of Augusta. After less than a year we were married and I became step mom to an amazing and smart 5 year old girl named Saylor. She showed me all the joys of motherhood and I am blessed that her mom graciously shares the role with me. A year later we bought our first home and settled in as a family of three. We didn’t know it then, but someone was still missing from our little trio. In September 2017, we welcomed Adele and our family was complete. We are blessed to have an amazing community that continually supports us, a family business that sustains us, and a church that loves us. God has knit our family together so carefully and purposefully that we cannot deny that we are blessed. My goal throughout this journey and beyond is to share that blessing with others.

As a family, we have always worked towards giving back to our community. Being a part of the Mrs. Maine America family is just an extension of the lifestyle we were already committed to. In addition to my full-time job as a Quality Assurance Analyst, I am the events coordinator at my husband’s business, Saylorink Tattoo. Owning our own business has given us a channel to reach our community by hosting fundraisers for non-profits and families in need.

This journey has also been integral in my personal growth regarding the boundaries I had always applied to myself. I have learned to push back borders, face fears and gain confidence in ways I never imagined. One of my biggest goals during this time is for my daughters to learn to be confident and to recognize that everyone they meet has their own story. I want them to see kindness and empathy as the most beautiful traits in any woman. I want them to look past outer appearances and love unconditionally.

I am thankful for this opportunity to represent and serve Maine, and thankful for all my wonderful supporters! Whatever this year brings, I will work hard, live confidently, love much and do my best to make you all proud. God Bless!  

Yours Truly,

Allison Tribou







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