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Mrs. Maine America Pageant
Miss Maine for America Pageant



Private Interview: Consists of two ballots (Interview and Beauty) for 25% each toward your overall interview score. Each contestant will have a 4 minute Interview with each judge. Interview outfit should be an extension of you.   


SWIMSUIT COMPETITION: You will need a swimsuit. This can be a one or two piece. Shoes should be clear or the color of your skin. 25% of your overall score is based on stage presence, style, confidence, and beauty.  Note: This is not a fitness competition.


EVENING GOWN: Floor length gown any color any style. 25% of your overall score is based on your poise, posture, grace, elegance, confidence, beauty and how well your carry yourself as well as how well your choice of gown compliments you.


SCORING SYSTEM: 50% Interview (25% being interview and 25% beauty), 25% swimsuit, and 25% evening gown. This will determine the top # of contestants (depending on number of contestants; may be top 5, top 10 etc). The top # will then be asked an on stage question in their evening gowns ~ this is not a judged portion.  It allows the audience the opportunity to have a sneak peek into what the interview portion may have looked like as well as an opportunity to get to know the contestants a little better.



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