Mrs. Maine America Pageant
Miss Maine for America Pageant


Hello!  I am Deirdre Berube, and I am your newly crowned Miss Maine for America Strong 2022! I am beyond honored to represent my home State of Maine for the next year! I reside in Monmouth and grew up in Leeds Maine where my loving parents still reside. I have worked in the banking industry for the past 5 years currently as an Anti-Money Laundering Representative.  Through my working experiences I have learned that I have a true passion for customer service, so in addition to working full time you can still catch me serving as a waitress at a local restaurant in the summer! I absolutely love meeting new people and just being kind! It’s truly amazing how much just a simple kind exchange with someone can change both our days.  In my spare time I love kicking boxing at my favorite family-owned gym in Winthrop and spending time with my beautiful, blended family.

At 33 years young I have had many highs, many lows and I am thankful it has given me such perspective in life. I have a big heart filled with compassion and I plan to use this skill not only during my reign as Miss Maine but long after!

I am the proud mother of an amazing 10-year-old daughter named Ilah. She is my greatest achievement in life! She is wise, kind, and so caring. She teaches me things daily and will always remain at the heart of everything I do in life. My journey to motherhood was a hard one. Like so many women, I struggled to get pregnant. I suffered through a lot of loss with miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies.  I went through every fertility treatment available until finally, one worked! I was SO blessed to find out I was having not just one baby, but TWO! I was ecstatic and overjoyed for 20 weeks. Unfortunately, that high came to an extreme low when I found out at 20 weeks one of my baby's was not going to live long after birth due to anencephaly, a neuro tube defect. This news was beyond devastating for me. It’s a moment in my life I will never forget. It took a lot of time for me to pull myself together and find the strength to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy and time I had with both my girls (yes two girls!!) as I had been through so much to get to that point. On December 3rd, 2011, I gave birth to 2 beautiful girls, Ilah Pearl and Zoey Love. An hour after birth I had to say goodbye to Zoey. The pain I felt is indescribable and it changed me tremendously as a woman. I now look at life differently and with a new appreciation of life, but most importantly I value each and every moment with my daughter Ilah.

As your Miss Maine for America Strong 2022, I plan to help bring awareness, hope, and comfort to woman and families who have gone through and are going through infertility and pregnancy/infant loss. It’s such a hard topic but it’s not talked about nearly enough!  1 in 4 women will experience a pregnancy/infant loss, that means 1 in 4 women are likely suffering in silence. I want to bring healing and comfort with this, and it is my mission to do just that with the Zoey's Love project. The heart of this project will be making and donating memory boxes to the Colby Fund and hospitals that can be given to    families experiencing such loss. I plan to expand by fundraising for the Colby fund with the goal of bringing women together encouraging collaboration so they do not suffer in silence anymore.

I promise to lead with my heart, dedicate myself to the title, platform, fellow, titleholders, and pageant sisters, and every single one of YOU, with compassion and integrity. I want women everywhere to know that you are not alone! You are brave, you are strong, and there is a rainbow after every storm.

With so much love and Gratitude,

Deirdre Berube                                                                                                                    







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