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Mrs. Maine America Pageant
Miss Maine for America Pageant


My name is Amanda Shute, and I am your Mrs. Maine America 2023! I look forward to a year of new experiences, opportunities to make a difference across Maine and celebrate other women and their achievements!  My husband and I met on a popular dating app and both swiped right for pizza, quite literally one of my pictures was of a gooey slice of pepperoni pie! Three years later, in a wool sweater and pink fuzzy slippers, we married in our living room with our rescue dogs, 2 witnesses and a justice of the peace, no pandemic was stopping us!

I am an award winning Fraud and Financial Crimes Professional and Certified Product Owner. I hold a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice and a Master of Informatics which means I get to build and manage fraud prevention technology! In my experience, I have seen the devastating financial and emotional effects online crimes such as fraud, can have on families. Recognizing the constant change in social media, many parents do not know where to begin with opening the dialogue about online safety with their children which is the reason I launched a non-profit. Get Cyber Fit is aimed to bridge the gap between parents and their children so they can have safer online experiences. I recently partnered with Educate Maine at their Science Festival and have a few projects lined up to connect with more families as part of my mission.  

Besides my involvement in the technology space, some of my proudest accomplishments have been solo trips around Europe, my commitment to an animal shelter where I created the foundation for their social media presence, being a founding Board of Director Chair member of an Emerging Leaders Employee Resource group and single-handedly transforming a school in Belize. 

Aside from community initiatives, I am excited to represent the Mrs. America Organization by elevating the voices of women and causes they are passionate about while empowering them to own their success. I am eager to celebrate our achievements and build relationships with the class of 2024 and my Sister queens, Mrs. Maine American and Miss Maine for America Strong.


With gratitude,

Amanda Shute








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